Affordable Ethical Clothing

If an ethical t-shirt costs £20, will it ever be affordable enough to make a real difference?

At Earth Wardrobe we think not. Our mission is to provide sustainable clothing at a price everyone can afford.

A study by e-commerce service Nosto showed that while more than half the respondents wanted brands to act more sustainably, only a third said they were happy to pay more to do so.

Therefore in order to convince the mainstream population that sustainable clothing is worth buying into the price must be affordable.

Why is this so important? If the world is going to combat climate change then every one of the 7.5 billion inhabitants needs to be able to buy in to it. It won't be solved by rich governments throwing money at the problem. We need practical solutions that everyone can participate in.

Greta Thunberg is an inspiration to all and a fierce campaigner. She has done a tremendous job speaking up for environmental issues. But sailing across the Atlantic in a multi-million pound yacht is an example of a good-natured but flawed attempt to promote sustainable travel. Can the millions of children inspired by Thunberg afford such an expensive yacht to spare them and their parents from airline travel? Perhaps a less glamorous trip on a cargo ship would have been a better example of affordable sustainable travel?

If a £20 organic t-shirt sold by many clothing companies is the equivalent of the multi-million pound yacht, our products at Earth Wardrobe are designed to be the cargo ship. Sustainable, ethical but more importantly affordable.


So how will we do it? We are a "slow fashion" retailer and keep a lean product range focusing on quality wardrobe essentials.