Mantis World

Mantis Tees are much more than just plain t-shirts. The manufacturer Mantis World is an award-winning ethical clothing company with a simple mission:

“To consistently deliver the best product, whilst leading by honest example –without compromise to people, our ethics or the environment”

Ethical and environmental responsibility are at the core of the product. The Mantis code of conduct is a shared commitment between their partner suppliers and factories which includes:

  • Fair wages, reasonable working hours and overtime pay in accordance with local legislation
  • Freedom of association and rights to collective bargaining
  • Effluent Treatment Plants to ensure clean water is returned to local water systems.
  • Careful waste management

Mantis have a strict policy of only working with reputable factories holding appropriate certification whom they have visited personally. They believe "Crop care, water management and fair wages in Tanzania or Pakistan may seem a million miles away from a cool boutique in New York or a large print factory in London, but to us they’re all firmly interlinked."

We are pleased to offer Mantis' range of 100% certified Organic cotton t-shirts at Earth Wardrobe.

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