Earth Wardrobe Responds


"Can you explain how you can make 3 organic T-Shirts for £20? ... This pricing makes me think someone is bearing the brunt of the savings. If you can explain how this isn’t green washing then that would be great."

This Instagram comment refers to our Organic T-shirt 3 Pack deal for £20.


At Earth Wardrobe, we want to bring down the cost of sustainable clothing so it's affordable for everyone. Let us outline two main reasons our products are cheaper than other eco retailers.

1. Is the sustainable option up-market?

Research by consulting firm Kearney found the profit margin for sustainable products is 75-85% higher than conventional products. Many eco-retailers are setting premium prices for their sustainable products and focusing on a more affluent customer base.

Surely this goes against what sustainable products should be aiming to achieve: universal adoption amongst the entire population. Therefore, we price our products with a smaller profit margin and hope that appealing to the entire population will allow us to still be successful.

Source: Why today’s pricing is sabotaging sustainability


2. Efficiency and Slow Fashion principals

We have put all our effort into building an efficient supply chain that allows us to reduce the price of our products while maintaining high quality. 

As a 'Slow Fashion' retailer we only update our range twice a year and focus on providing long lasting wardrobe essentials. Doing this allows us to keep costs down while also reducing waste. 

Prioritising a large colour selection rather than stocking thousands of different styles allows for a more straightforward manufacturing process. 


Looking beyond the price

The two points above influence price without compromising the ethics of our products.

All our organic products are certified by the industry standard. The manufacturers producing our products participate in ethical production and supply chain transparency programs such as Fair Wear or AMFORI.

We will never compromise on these standards to lower prices. We like to go further: you can watch a video from the carbon neutral manufacturing facility that makes the t-shirts in our 3 pack offer here. 

Our Affordable & Sustainable range

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