The Sustainable Clothing Plan

Sustainable Essentials
Pre-owned Alternatives


We've made it our goal to try and help people like you shop fashion in a more sustainable way. Our plan is made of two parts:

Our Two Point Plan

Our plan features two types of sustainable clothing:

1. Eco-friendly Essentials
2. Pre-owned Clothing

🌗 Eco-friendly Wardrobe Essentials



Earth Wardrobe's mission is to provide sustainable clothing at a price everyone can afford. We offer eco-friendly essentials made in ethical production facilities from materials such as organic cotton, regenerated cotton and bamboo.

How much do they cost?
Who makes the products?
What makes it eco-friendly?
We have worked hard to build a super-efficient supply chain to price our sustainable essentials at a price everyone can afford. Our organic t-shirts and vests start at £8 with sweatshirts at £20.
We only work with production facilities that participate in programs such as Fair Wear and Amfori BSCI we know the supply chain is being closely monitored to ensure pay and working conditions meet standards.

You can watch a video from the facility that produces many products in our range such as our Organic Essential t-shirts.

Our essentials are made from eco-friendly materials such as:

Organic cotton which requires considerably less water to grow, does not use harmful pesticides and also has strict requirements for energy consumption and waste treatment.

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. Viscose fibre is then extracted and used in garments.

Regenerated cotton uses excess cotton (offcuts) from the cutting room to make new garments.

🌓 Pre-owned Clothing Suggestions



We developed an app - ShopCircle - that helps you find pre-owned clothing alternatives. It's simple: just browse fashion websites like you normally do. Then, you can check for similar pre-owned items with a tap. 

If you'd rather browse only pre-owned clothing you can search millions of items from secondhand marketplaces and charities inside the app.

Does pre-owned mean worn-out?
How does the app work?
Who sells the pre-owned items?
'Pre-owned' doesn't mean it smells and is falling apart. In fact, clothing sold has often been worn just a few of times or even never.
The ShopCircle app does not force you to change your shopping habits.

You can use it to browse websites of your favourite shops as you normally would. Then, find similar pre-owned items by simply tapping a product image. It's up to you to decide if you buy the item new from the retailer or buy one of our pre-owned suggestions.

You can also use the app to go straight to searching for pre-owned items only.
The pre-owned items in the App are sourced from trusted secondhand marketplaces such as eBay, Vinted and depop. To buy the items you will be directed to their website to checkout.

🌕 Putting it Together: Our Vision


Our Sustainable Clothing Vision is straightforward:

Your simple wardrobe basics are made from eco-friendly materials that minimise ecological damage.

Other parts of your wardrobe are then filled with pre-owned clothing to limit waste and reduce clothing production.

We would still purchase new clothing items but fewer - our aim is to reduce consumption, not eliminate it entirely.


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