Guest Brands

Looking for something a bit different? Check out some of the most interesting independent sustainable brands we're delighted to feature at Earth Wardrobe.
"Produced in small batches which promote a sustainable environment by reducing production material loss."
Wild and Stone
"Easy to adopt, usable and stylish alternatives to single use plastic"
Hemp & Hope
"We work with family run businesses in Kathmandu and Pokhara to make our garments from Hemp Fibre"
"Timeless pieces made to last.. made from top quality bamboo viscose & organic cotton."
Oxfam Intermón 
"An ethical fashion brand .. to improve the living conditions of men and women in India."
Natural Vibes 
"Environmentally friendly socks, developed in Europe. Bring color into your day"
"Everyday essentials made from naturally grown organic bamboo"
Aurelian Hemp
"Two friends in Vermont fed up with our planet’s destruction, founded me to inspire you that HEMP can clothe, heal, build, and feed the world sustainably."