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Our Mission

We want to make sustainable clothing more affordable. Here's why..

Research by Kearney found the retailer profit margin for sustainable products was 75-85% higher when compared to conventional products.

Why are retailers charging more than usual for sustainable products? Surely this is completely at odds with what they should be aiming to achieve?

Earth Wardrobe's mission is to do the complete opposite.

Sustainable products should be priced at a level the entire population can afford in order to maximise the positive impact.

Our Building Blocks

We're a 'Slow Fashion' retailer. What does that mean?

Streamlined, Quality Range
We focus on high quality, long-lasting wardrobe essentials. Our styles are simple but with many colour variations.
Eco-friendly Materials
Made from materials such as Organic Cotton, Bamboo and Regenerated Cotton. Always certified.
Affordable For Everyone
Priced at a level everyone can afford to maximise impact and take advantage of economies of scale.
Ethical Manufacture
Production facilities participate in ethical manufacture programs such as Fair Wear and AMFORI.

Orders are delivered carbon neutral in sugarcane packaging.

Despite our lower prices, we strive to provide excellent customer service and offer free returns.


Chances are you'll probably need to refresh your essentials sometime this year. Why not try something from our affordable and sustainable range!

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Interested in where and how our products are made?

Here's a video from the carbon neutral Continental Clothing production facility in India. This facility makes a large portion of our essentials product range plus the 'Salvage' range of regenerated garments.