Our Mission

We're on a mission to provide high quality sustainable clothing essentials at a price everyone can afford.

 We'll try and do this by:

1. Keeping our product range lean and focusing on clothing essentials. We will make up for this by offering many colour variations. Doing so allows us to bulk-buy from suppliers and reduce the costs of goods sold.

2. Shipping from our super-efficient warehouse based in Edinburgh. We have built custom-made shipping software that allows us to ship apparel efficiently without needing individually barcoded plastic bags.

3. Offering customers incentives to fill up their mailing bags. Shipping can be a high cost barrier - if we can bundle a sweatshirt with a t-shirt, or ship 2 tees together, we can reduce the per unit price considerably.

We're always thinking of ways to improve! Of course we will not compromise on the ethics and the envionment: Our organic cotton is certified and our manufacturers are reviewed for compliance with working condition regulations.

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